What are the contributions of the high-quality PPD tape industry in the construction field



What is the specific use of high-quality construction PPD tapes in different fields? The following summarizes the application fields of high-quality construction PPD tapes for your reference:

What are the factors that affect the price of PPD tape



At present, my country's PPD tape adhesive tape companies mainly rely on exports. Most of the companies' adhesive tape business relies on exports to drive the market. The operating rate of domestic PPD tape factories has decreased, and the corresponding orders have also declined. The impact is not great.

PPD tape company shares how to choose tape



There are many kinds of tape products of PPD tape company, and there are also many kinds of adhesives on the surface. Therefore, the performance and strength of tapes of various brands of PPD tape company are different, so when purchasing tapes, you need to consider the following. factor:

PPD tape manufacturers take you to understand the selection of tapes



Why does tape stick to things? PPD tape manufacturers think of course because it has a layer of adhesive on its surface! Adhesives can stick to things because of the formation of bonds between their own molecules and the molecules of the objects to be connected, and this bond can firmly bond the molecules together. Manufacturers of PPD tapes believe that the composition of adhesives, according to different brands and different types, has a variety of different polymers.
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