Why choose polyester as the base material of wholesale Electrical conductive fabric



1. Wholesale Electrical conductive fabric improves high temperature stability.Improve high temperature stability Due to the three-dimensional distribution of the polyester monofilament, it has strong adsorption to the coating, and will not be entangled, and can absorb a large amount of metal coating, so that the stability and cohesion of the metal coating are improved. Longitudinal staggered reinforcement and bridging.

High-quality Electrical conductive fabric use environment and construction precautions



In the production process of high-quality Electrical conductive fabric, fiber cloth is mainly used as the base material; other metals are electroplated on the fiber cloth, which will make the material conductive, thus forming a conductive fiber cloth.

What should be paid attention to when purchasing custom Electrical conductive fabric



Customized Electrical conductive fabric is widely used in the production of professional shielding work clothes, especially suitable for some protective tools in the field of electromagnetic high radiation, such as touch screen gloves, radiation-proof curtains, etc.

How to check the quality of Electrical conductive fabric



The Electrical conductive fabric is woven from metal fibers made of nylon or polyester fibers coated with copper, nickel and other metals. The surface bottom layer of the fiber is copper with high conductivity, and its surface is nickel metal. The combination of copper and nickel has extremely high conductivity and shielding efficiency, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance.

How much do you know about Electrical conductive fabric



The Electrical conductive fabric is made of fiber cloth as the base material. After pretreatment, it is applied with electroplating metal coating to make it have metal characteristics and become conductive fiber cloth. Can be divided into: nickel-plated Electrical conductive fabric, gold-plated Electrical conductive fabric, carbon-plated Electrical conductive fabric, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth. There are plain weave and grid distinctions in appearance.

Do you know how electricians use Adhesive acetate fabric tape



Adhesive acetate fabric tape is a must-have tool for electricians. It is used where two wires are connected. The purpose is to make the two wires contact more closely and prevent electric shock to the human body.
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