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Double guide aluminum foil tape

Product description

1. Single-sided aluminum foil Mylar, double-sided cable aluminum foil Mylar, hot-melt cable aluminum foil Mylar, aluminum foil tape: used for interference shielding of multi-conductor control wires, such as electronic wires, computer wires, signal wires, coaxial cables, high Frequency line or local area network cable.

2. Spreading wing aluminum foil, also known as butterfly wing aluminum foil, is used to shield the interference of multi-conductor wires such as twisted wires and composite wires, such as control wires, computer wires and signal transmission wires, etc. It is necessary for high frequency wires such as DVI, HDMI, RGB, etc. Material.

3. The thickness of the products are as follows:

15u 20u 25u 30u 35u 43u
50u 53u 58u 63u 65u 75u
100u 130u 140u 150u 210u  

4. Aluminum foil Mylar can be customized according to the requirements of color, thickness, width and packaging form (sheet or reel)

5. There are many kinds of aluminum foil Mylar combinations and various thicknesses. It can meet the needs of different customers. Aluminum foil Mylar is divided into single-sided aluminum foil Mylar and double-sided aluminum foil Mylar. Single-sided aluminum foil Mylar can be customized in various colors, usually silver or blue.

6. The adhesive layer of aluminum foil Mylar tape has single-sided conductive and double-sided conductive. In order to eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI), isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body, and prevent unnecessary voltage or current from affecting functions, the main purchase customers are computer peripheral wires, computer monitors and transformer manufacturers. In addition, it has a good effect on electrostatic discharge after grounding


1. The test conditions are the test results at room temperature 25 degrees and relative humidity below 65 degrees.

2. When storing the goods, please keep the room dry and ventilated. The general storage time is 6 months.

3. All the company's products comply with ROHS environmental protection standards.





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